Tell myself not to miss, but the day will think of you, still miss home, suddenly looked back and lead stumble have become a dream, everything seems still yesterday, but can not go back to the memory of yesterday, the moon, the days of steady, again also could not reason to be happy!

So, start a pick up the memory, Miss smile in the past and cherish the memory of the ruins of the years. In a piece of white paper wrote a lot of worry, and at dawn overlooking the unknown distance. You tell me, you want to go far away, you came to my city, but I did not meet.

A turn around sometimes is a lifetime, remember to write down the text? If a friend, no regrets. Some of the original things unrelated to death, just a wrong thought in passing. With tears in her eyes, staring at a figure gradually disappear suddenly in the winter, learn to forget.

And at nightfall, support an umbrella through the bustling city, heavy rain soaked the sinking, cold heart, whether to have one day walk walk will meet endless warmth. The wind is blowing a long hair, once said to you, if one day I fell ill, you will be desperate to find me, take me as the treasure in your palm? Your silence, I become a self fulfilling prophecy, billowing bustling place, yanbohaomiao, originally we are world of mortals guest, heartbroken horizon who would really care about who's sad how many!